Viva Handmade

*****  Hi. The new project I’m working on is keeping me very busy so I won’t be posting to this blog so frequently.  Instead, I hope you’ll follow the new Community Hearth Project on  *****

I’m currently artist-in-residence at Waikato Society of Potters in Hamilton, New Zealand. The community hearth project I am running with the WSP members is keeping me so busy that I’m really only posting to the blogsite that is documenting the story of the project …. please visit/follow me there

Over a 10 week period, the community hearth project group and I will each make a large horse sculpture, build the performance kilns and organise the firing event.  On the 22nd September 2012, friends and family will be invited to join us for the alfresco firing and experience the ‘reveal’ of the red hot glowing sculptures once dark.

Cheers, Susan St Lawrence

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This site explores and showcases the delights of the handmade.  The craftspeople featured here are not trying to compete with the mass-produced slickness seen in design shops but rather aim for the individual; investing time and creative energy into the making of each item.  Is it art, is it craft?  Does it matter?  If it brings you joy to have these pieces in your home, or give them as gifts, viva de artesanía!

Have fun exploring this site, and if you like it, check out the blog page, join in the conversations, tell your friends, buy your gifts from us.  Celebrate the unique.

Regards, Susan St Lawrence & friends

St Lawrence & Friends, NZ


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